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Art of natural Beauty

An old magical place

Villas are located in the hills of the Agios Georgios region on the beautiful south eastern coast of Antiparos Island.
The surrounding countryside is peaceful and quiet. The nearest beaches are a short walk away.
Opposite Art Villas there is the small uninhabited island of Despotiko where archaeological findings proved the existence of an important late Archaic sanctuary.

Art of Relaxation

Recharging and vivifying.

Art Villas are located 12 km south of Antiparos village, only 10 minutes by car.
Owners Torsten and Athena spend most of their summer there. If they are on the spot, they will take you from the port in Antiparos to Agios Georgios (St. George).
Otherwise a contact person of their trust will take care of you.

Art of Experience


Art Villas Antiparos


Sacred soil, a place of Ancient Greek glory and worship...Despotiko, an islet to the west of Antiparos, to this day has retained all of the mystery and magic of a pristine landscape, nearly untrodden.
The sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis, which once gathered a multitude of faithful, today attracts a multitude of admirers of Ancient Greek beauty, which shines under the Cycladic sun, next to turquoise waters, in the heart of our archipelago.
Despotiko can be reached by private vessel or by ‘karavaki’ [‘little boat’] from the small port of Ai Yiorgis, with frequent departures daily.

10 minutes by boat - from Art Villas

Art Villas Antiparos


There are three beaches in the village of Ai Yiorgis: Kako Rema, a sandy beach with an enchanting view where you can relax as well; Vathys Volos, sandy, with umbrellas and sunbeds; and, the little beach of Ai Yiorgis, with fine sand, near the chapel.
At the little port of Ai Yiorgis one finds tavernas and cafes, where you can enjoy the infinite, fascinating view accompanied by tasty local dishes. (There is a municipal bus stop.)

3 minutes by car - from Art Villas

Art Villas Antiparos


The Cave of Antiparos is among the most beautiful and most significant in the world.
in addition to being an enchanting natural site worth seeing, it is inextricably linked to the history of the area and generates great archaeological interest, owing to the findings from the Stone Age discovered in its interior.
It has an area of approximately 5,600 square metres. Its maximum depth reaches some 85 metres and the descent takes place easily and securely, by way of a cement staircase made up of 411 steps.

10 minutes by car - from Art Villas



Experience the feeling of freedom, purity and relaxation overlooking the unique bay of St. George
and enjoying the view on mystical Island of Despotiko with its ancient sanctuary.